Rally News 14 – SS 15 Xerarkaka 2

Car Νο 25 Martin Hudec:
“Ι losτ 2nd gear from the beginning, not good rally for us, very well tough”

Car Νο 8 Antonin Tlustak:
“Quite alright. A difficult rally for us”

Car Νο 10 Vitaliy Pushkar:
“Happy that we finished this rally. Problems with the engine; a very hard weekend!”

Car No Νο 2 Craig Breen:
He finished the stage three cars behind his position. Drivers saw him stopping 5 kms before the finish. He said he had high temperature problems.

Car Νο 9 Bruno Magalhaes:
“Driving safe to finish the rally. 5th is a good result”

Car Νο 3 Khalid Al Qassimi:
“Few problems with the car in the last kms of the stage/. We are going to the last round (of the MERC) with motivation”

Car Νο 11 Abdul Aziz Al-Kuwari Third Overall:’
“The plan went very well I am happy. A very difficult last stage”

Car Νο 5 Yazeed Al Rajhi First Overall
“Very good. Great job we had the experience, I am very happy with the victory and my luck in this difficult rally”

Car No 4 Kajetan Kajetanowicz: Second Overall
“Big weekend. Fantastic rally for us, with small problems but I am happy with the result and congratulation to my team”

Car no Νο 17 Stavros Antoniou:
“Very pleased with our result. Second among Cypriot crews and congratulations to my co-driver”

Car Νο 22 Petros Panteli:
No brakes in the last two Stages. Very tough rally with many problems. Pleased to have finished.

Car no 19 Christos Demosthenos First among Cypriot crews
“All is well. We achieved our targets. I thank the team, my sponsors and thrilled with the result.”

Car No 20 Kyriakos Kyriakou:
Very difficult, many problems with the car but the rally was great

Car No 26 Demetris Papasavvas:
Tough rally. In the last two stages we had three punctures

Can No Νο 12 Lazzlo Vizin:
“It was ok; happy we finished”

Car Νο 14 Abdulla Al Kuwari:
“I am happy to have finished this rally because it wasn’t easy for us”

Car No 30 Zoltan Bessenyey Fist 2WD
“No power steering from the beginning of the stage. Happy to finish the rally”

Car 38 Stavros Achilleos
“Nice rally. We went very well as it was my first time in this car. No problems we drove cautiously to finish the rally”.

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