Rally News 13 – SS 14 Asinou 2

Car No 25 Martin Hudec:
“I had broken front right driveshaft and a penalty. The car is perfect now”. After finishing the stage the car was leaking brake fluids

Car Νο 8 Antonin Tlustak:
“Everything is great”

Car Νο 10 Vitaliy Pushkar:
“Quite happy with the position, the stage was amazing”

Car No 2 Craig Breen:
“Fingers crossed two more stages to go!”

Car Νο 9 Bruno Magalhaes:
“I only am trying to finish the rally. I do not want to damage the car. I only want to gain experience”

Car Νο 3 Khalid Al Qassimi:
“Fast stage, very happy with tires. Made some set ups and the car is much better today”.

Car Νο 11 Abdul Aziz Al-Kuwari:
“I will raise the car suspension because it is too low and had some trouble with the stage”

Car Νο 5 Yazeed Al Rajhi:
“No need to attack, we will continue slowly to finish the race. We had a very good team the car is magnificent”

Car Νο 4 Kajetan Kajetanowicz:
“Vey twisty stage; it was amazing, narrow with different types of gravel”

Car Νο 17 Stavros Antoniou:
“Very slippery stage, we went very well though”

Car Νο 22 Petros Panteli:
After finishing the stage driver stepped out to check the brakes

Car Νο 20 Kyriakos Kyriakou:
“Nice stage. We didn’t manage to fix the car but I am driving cautiously to finish the rally”

Car No 26 Demetris Papasavvas:
“The second loop was full of rocks and we drove very cautiously”

Car No 12 Lazzlo Vizin:
«The stage was very difficult, everything was really really bad”

Car Νο 14 Abdulla Al Kuwari:
“This was a very long rally. Again a lot of experience, it is the first time for me with the R5 and i truly loved it”

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