Rally News 12 – SS13 Tseri 2

Car No 25 Martin Hudec
“This is an amazing stage, a little bit scary. The last jump is fantastic”

Car No 10 Vitaliy Pushkar
“Very good and fast stage. I love them when they are fast”

Car No 2 Craig Breen
“It was very rough. We had more alarms, all we have to do now is finish”

Car No 9 Bruno Maghalaes
“The stage was clearer in this pass. We had more grip, we did ok”

Car No 3 Khalid Al Qassimi
“I am very happy with the stage. We had some high temperatures in the front brakes”

Car No 11 Abdul Aziz-Al Kuwari
“I tried to hold my lines. The stage was clean thankfully and a fast. Very nice stage”

Car No 5 Yazeed Al Rajhi
“Good stage and time. Everything is great with the car, we are looking good for the win”

Car No 4 Kajetan Kajetanowicz
“The temperature is cooler now. I enjoyed the big jump in the end, we were fast here”

Car No 17 Stavros Antoniou
“Very good, very fast, big jump”

Car No 22 Petros Panteli
“The stage was ruined, we are running on three pistons”

Car No 19 Christos Demosthenous
“Nice and fast stage. We got the result we wanted without issues. We want to get the best result we can”

Car No 20 Kyriacos Kyriacou
“We have a differential problem and rear suspension trouble. We hope to finish the rally”

Car No 26 Demetris Papasavvas
“Lot’s of rocks and dust. We smashed a tire on a rock. We finished the stage with three wheels”

Car No 12 Laszlo Vizin
“We could improve still. This was good and fast stage”

Car No 14 Abdul Aziz Al Kuwari
“Very nice stage although I didn’t push the throttle, we lost the last jump“

Car No 30 Zoltan Bessenyey
“This is one of the best stages in Cyprus, very fast”

Car No 38 Stavros Achilleos
“All is well, no issues”

Car No 36 Charalambos Charalambous
“Good, clean stage but there was a lot of dust”

Car No 39 Mshari Al Thefiri
“Nice and fast stage. The jump at the end was good”

Car No 49 Soteris Karousios
“We fixed the issues. We will push until the end”

Car No 48 Dimi Morozov
“One of my favourite stage in the Cyprus Rally. An interesting stage. The differential has an issue. ”

Car No 31 Khalifa Al-Attiyah
“Nice stage. Smooth and fast”

Car No 45 Nada Zaidan
“It was my favourite stage so far. I enjoyed the second pass much more than the first one. I pushed the throttle for the jump. We finished the stage with no issues”

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