Journalists and Photographers:

  • Journalists and Photographers Accreditation Application Form (Download)
  • Journalists and Photographers Accreditation Procedures (Download)

TV and Radio Accreditation:

  • TV – Radio Accreditation Application Form ( Download )
  • TV – Radio Accreditation Application Procedures ( Download )

Accreditation Application Form:

Accreditation Application Form must be filled in by all Broadcast Media and submitted to either of the following email addresses: fia_erc_accreditations@eurosport.com, press.cyprusrally@gmail.com Each applicant, should fill in all personal details as well as the reason why they intent to film during the event. In addition, each applicant should specify if they will broadcast through TV channel or just filming for a driver’s personal use. Accreditation form is also available on the official ERC website (Media Lounge) http://www.fiaerc.com/press/mediacrew .


The final date for Television and Radio Accreditation form submissions is Wednesday 10th of September. After the deadline applications will not be processed and therefore applicants will not be able be accredited. Following this date, each applicant will receive an official confirmation letter and should present this letter at the event’s welcome Centre in order to receive an envelope enclosing their passes.