You can be a volunteer too!

Being a large-scale event, the 2014 Cyprus Rally could benefit from volunteers who are willing to help with bringing this rally to fruition. This being a rally, preparations are not only needed for cars and crews but also for a multitude of people who will make the trip down to Cyprus. And people are, generally speaking, what all of this is about! Every year a group of unsung heroes, with a timing watch at hand and wits at the ready give their all so as to make sure that everything runs like clockwork. In truth, the volunteers are the corner stone of such an organization, from the time keepers to the judges and the technical staff. All must be on top of their game, meticulously going through the details. Hundreds of volunteers will be the life-blood of the 2014 Cyprus Rally. These volunteers will man the Time Keeping Stations at the start and finish of every special stage as well as the entrance and exit of the Service Park. At the same time more volunteers will don the Safety garments and ensure that everything runs smoothly on the side of the Stages and that viewers are exactly where they should be so as to avoid any mishaps, which is of vital importance. The Safety crews will also run ahead of the competition (literally) to close off road sections that the cars will venture through in order for procedures to run smoothly! Finally, volunteers will also be in charge of guiding visitors and crews through the various Service stations, providing help wherever it is needed.

The Cyprus Automobile Association extends an invitation to anyone who is interested in volunteering for the 2014 Cyprus Rally. If you love rallying and unique experiences, you too can be a volunteer. If you are interested then please call the Association at 22 313233 or send them an email at marshals@caa.com.cy.

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